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Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions related to Summer & Fall 2021 academics – information that includes the three types of classes being offered (and brief descriptions of each type) and more. International students can view additional guidance by visiting the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) FAQs. For health-related information, please visit our Health & Safety section.

Before the semester begins

You can check your semester schedule by logging in to your MyFIU to see how your classes will be offered.

Dual enrollment students should follow the same protocol as FIU students.

BBC’s MAST Academy is following the Miami-Dade County Public Schools calendar.

What to expect this semester

FIU is offering a robust and safe on-campus experience for students in the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 semesters. 

Beginning Summer 2021, all courses are being scheduled utilizing the pre COVID-19 modalities of fully in-person, certified hybrid and fully online. Remote and hyflex options developed during COVID-19 will not be course selection options. 

Understanding your options

As mentioned in the section above, you’ll be able to choose from three class formats: fully in-person, certified hybrid, or fully online. Each of the three ways to take classes has different expectations and requirements of students. 

You can use filters to specify course modality when you search for classes. Also, the Class Notes section contains important information. When you click on the course, you’ll find its delivery method indicated in Class Notes. If a course has a physical meeting location, then it is on campus (in person or hybrid). 

Summers A and C are being scheduled with the current physical distancing classroom capacities in place. Summer B and Fall terms are being scheduled with physical distancing restrictions removed and pre COVID-19 classroom capacities restored.  

Our expectation is to fully utilize all 207 general-use classrooms, plus additional classrooms when needed. If additional rooms are needed, we will first work with departments and units to utilize locally managed spaces and additional classrooms at alternate locations within FIU. If more space is required, we will then explore the possibility of outside venues.  

Because of the fluid nature of the pandemic, we will remain flexible and agile. If the situation requires a return to physical distancing for Summer B or Fall, adjustments can be made following recommendations from university leadership. We will prioritize on-campus opportunities for First Year students while reducing the overall student density. 

In-person classes will take place on campus at set times. In-person classes may use Canvas.

Graduate courses

For both graduate and undergraduate courses, it’s up to each individual program to decide which format courses will be offered in.

Get help

If you’re still having difficulty with your schedule or cannot make an appointment with your advisor, please visit for additional information and to request additional assistance. If you are an international student, you should also contact the FIU Office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS).