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Fall in-person teaching

University leaders are mindful that many of our faculty are confronted with threats to their health from COVID-19. We appreciate that more than 700 faculty have taken our remote teaching badge to enable state-of-the-art teaching and learning approaches to this extraordinary situation that grips us.

Faculty have worked hard to provide a full range of course modalities for students this fall in collaboration with their department chairs and deans. Faculty assignment will be based on the instructional and research needs of the respective unit with a student-centered approach at the core of unit decision-making.

FIU’s priority is timely graduation for all our students. Faculty may work on campus or remotely depending on student and research needs and in consultation with unit supervisors.

Remote instruction

Converting a previously face-to-face course to remote instruction will require appropriately adjusting your syllabus. You should communicate with your students immediately and continuously to let them know what is expected going forward. FIU has the resources in place to assist with modifying your course delivery method. Resources are available at

Now is the time for all faculty to work with online resources and professional support available at FIU so as to meet the teaching and learning needs of students. Effective remote learning assignments, technological tools, Canvas, Zoom, etc., are available to all faculty.

Course continuity resources

A multi-disciplinary team – FIU Online, Media Technology Services, and Center for the Advancement of Teaching – are working seamlessly to help those who need and/or want additional support in utilizing the technological tools that will support you during this time of remote instruction.  Resources are available at

For support with Canvas, please visit the FIU Canvas Help Center at or call 305-348-3630 for 24/7 phone support. You may also contact the Academic Continuity workgroup by emailing

The Faculty Resource Centers at both MMC (GL 150) and BBC (ACI – 148) are available for walk-in support. The BBC center is open Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The MMC center has extended hours Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Training opportunities for faculty in Canvas, Zoom and other technology tools can be found

Your academic unit leadership and dean’s designee (listed below) is available to work with you to document your course continuity plan and report back to university leadership and the academic continuity team. You may also reach out to her/him directly to receive support and guidance.  

Academic Affairs point of contact

Lilia Silverio Minaya -

Hector Junco -
Laura Dinehart -

Richard Klein -
William Hardin -

Tony McGoron -

Helen Cornely -

Mark Macgowan -

Allen Varela -

Joe Cillia -

Jeff Gonzalez -

Eloisa Rodriguez-Dod -

Eneida Roldan -

William Anderson -
Lidia Kos -

Diana Cardenas -

Immediate next steps for faculty

In accordance with the   Canvas Usage Initiative, all face-to-face courses have an existing corresponding Canvas course shell. To access your course, you need to navigate to Here is a checklist of items to help you keep teaching.

Initial setup
For actionResources and solutions

Verify that you are able to access your course(s) by logging into our university’s learning management system, Canvas.

Go to and click on the “Login” button to be taken to the Canvas Login page. Log in with your FIU Username (example: jdoe) and Password.

Provide the course syllabus in Canvas. Plan on first updating and then uploading your syllabus document or develop one in the Syllabus Tool in Canvas.

Learn How to Add a Syllabus to your Course.

Ensure that you know where to locate readily available Canvas Help resources.

Go to to familiarize yourself with the “How To” guides

Key items to consider in your course continuity plan

Ongoing maintenance
For actionResources and solutions

Making plans for communicating with students fully online

Canvas Announcements
Canvas Discussions
FIU E-Mail

Possible adjustments to assignments and assessments

Canvas Assignments

Consider what course materials you will need to create, curate or update in order to teach remotely.
FIU Libraries
Linkedin Learning
NBC Learn

Identify options for holding class and office hours virtually.

Canvas Conferences

Think about how your methods for evaluating student learning will be moved to a digital space.

Canvas Quizzes