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COVID-19 Response Team

Contact tracing for students and employees is an integral component of the university’s plan to keep our community healthy and well. The COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) is your resource for contact tracing and COVID-19 inquiries. The team is charged with identifying cases among FIU community members and identifying exposures that occurred on one of FIU’s properties.

What we do

The CRT serves as a resource for a variety of COVID-19 related inquiries and concerns. The team helps to determine and instruct when an individual should quarantine themselves after an exposure, when symptoms require testing in order to return to campus, and whether positive individuals were on campus during their infectious period.

When an FIU community member tests positive for the coronavirus, the team interviews them to determine if they were on campus during their infectious period, and if they had close contact with any other FIU students or employees. The team will contact the identified close contacts and advise them to quarantine and get a COVID-19 test 5-6 days after the exposure. The team will also contact the Facilities Department to coordinate cleaning and disinfection of any affected buildings. 

Our primary goal is to  keep the FIU campuses as safe as possible by providing guidance on when people should:

  • Get tested for COVID-19
  • Isolate/quarantine
  • Safely return to work or education with the proper clearance